need help figuring out sons behavior

Karen - posted on 09/05/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




my son is turning 4 in october. he has been tested and seems to be a year developmentally delayed. they are also watching him for sensory disorders. he is a screamer, screams a lot. he has a speech delay and attends a special education school for therapy. he bangs everything. he builds with everything including food and books. he deosnt play with toys normally, everything either gets catagorized into buckets or made into towers. he breaks evertything by throwing it,pounding with it,or ripping it.i cant even go in public anymore because he wont stay by me, knocks things off shelves, or screams. i have to use a kid leash (yes, i'm one of *them*) to go anywhere because he takes off so fast and will run into streets. he has no fear, climbs everything including the top of our swingset. he digs holes in our walls. he also likes to smell everything, and i mean everything. he bites,hits, and tries to tackel people to the ground, even strangers. i have tried timeouts, i have tried rewards with stickers and toys. nothing works, he doesnt seem to get when he does something wrong that its not ok. he doesnt sleep, he takes awhile to fall asleep and then he wakes often throughout the night and gets up really early. which wouldnt be a problem except that he wakes everyone else up. he sings at the top of his lungs, he throws toys, pounds on doors and walls, jumps all over the place. i have four kids and he shares a room with his brother because i dont have space to give him his own room. i have considered putting him in a bed with some sort of tent on top because im afraid for his safety as well as his brothers with the way he is getting. he climbs on top of dressers and plays in outlets. i need some advice on how to gain control of him. does anyone else have a child like this, and if so, what have you tried? he's very social, so they ruled out autism based on his socialism and eye contact. but i dont know what else is going on. he is also lactose intollerant and has low muscle tone. ive been trying to research to see if those factors comes up with other problems. any advice would be great


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I'm clutching at straws here but I so want to help you. Have you looked into food intolerances (beside the lactose intolerance) because some children display extreme behaviour issues when eating certain foods and food additives.

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