Need help getting my 2.5 year old out of our bed and into her room..restarted co sleeping at 1 :(


Carrie - posted on 03/09/2013




One thing you could try is reasoning with them. Or using a reward system for them sleeping in their own room (such as a treat). Talking with them about their worries or fears about going into their own room and how it might affect their relationship with you or change things could help them sort out their own feelings about it. If they just want more time with you perhaps finding a way to switch time in bed for time during the day would help - that way they feel like you are acknowledging their feelings on the subject. Either that or a weaning system - 2 nights on 2 nights off, or something similar, until they need the final push where you can say "you're a big girl now, and all girls have to grow up and become independent. We'll still spend time together so don't worry about that." type of thing. If they can look at it in a positive light you'll receive a lot less resistance from them, and perhaps even a "lets do this!' attitude.


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Pauline Ashley - posted on 03/09/2013




Thank You soo much! Definitely will be trying out a reward system. She undertsands that she is a 'big girl' but needs to sleep in her own bed.

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