Need help have a child who is almost 3 and shows no interest in the potty, help!


Louise - posted on 03/23/2011




Well in a case like this you have to force the situation. Let your child watch you in the bathroom and then buy a toilet seat. Then play hard ball do not place them in nappies or pull ups go straight to pants. Take them to the toilet every half an hour until they pee then wait an hour and start again. You will have frequent accidents the first day so be prepared. At three your child should catch on pretty quickly (fingers crossed) Use reward charts and stickers for the successes and ignore the accidents. If you play on the side of what a big boy/girl you are you should be able to crack this within a week. Just give them every chance to do this by staying close to home for the first week.


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Bek - posted on 03/23/2011




Not sure what to say except your not alone. Our almost 3 year old was interested for a bit but now has no interest at all, even getting upset and running away when it's suggested. So for whatever it's worth, you're not alone. Good luck.

Kelly - posted on 03/23/2011




Not sure if you have a boy or girl and YES boys are harder to train. I started with my son at 2 1/2 yrs but it took until after he turned 3 to get him to do #2. First you must discuss the topic with the child. I found a free video and then bought a potty book based on boy/girl. Also, you need to have a potty chair or seat. If you have a seat then let him/her sit on it with clothes on first. He or she has to be comfortable that the sit is his/hers. Eventually have them show you were the pee and poo go. Allow the child to see you using the big potty. Then place them on the potty. The key is consistency and having him/her in pull ups so he or she learns they are not in diapers. I told my son that diapers are for babies. He didn't like diapers. The hardest part for me was cleaning all the underwear once we switched from pull ups to underwear BUT you can not revert or confuse the child. Once you do pull ups or underwear you cannot go back to the others. Just do the potty dance, show videos, let him/her watch another child (friend, brother, sister, cousin, mommy, daddy). You have to make the potty experience fun. NEVER scold your child for not going. Praise is another key here. Every time he or she attempts to go or shows interest - praise him or her. I found a potty chart works well. You can download many free or create your own. If you are consistent and praise the child eventually he or she will go. You must take them repeatly to the potty - I did it every hour and we used a timer. Also, you can make potty time fun. I had a basket that I put reading books in to let my son read while he tried to go #2. This can distract a child by not concentrating on performing on the spot for you. Eventually it will just click with the child and one day you can be a proud parent and say He or She is a Big Boy or Big Girl Now! Good Luck!!!

Christy - posted on 03/23/2011




My kids are 3 1/2 and 2 1/2 and BOTH are trying to potty train. Older one (boy) pees but won't poo. He just recently showed interest. My younger, a girl, was trained, so I thought, and reverted back.

I am able to tell when they will pee based on when they last drank something and sit them on the potty with a timer of 10 minutes (a little potty) and just keep sitting them back on it if they get up until the time is up. My daughter gets very upset but I do it anyway and sometimes she goes, sometimes not. Consistency is key!

Katherine - posted on 03/23/2011




My nephew took his sweet time and then all of the sudden at 3.2 he just did it. Hasn't had diapers since, except for the night.

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