Need help in helping my kindergartner learn his alphabet, write his name, etc?

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My little boy just turned 5 in July. He started kindergarten and his teacher said he's behind in recognizing the alphabet, writing his name, holding his pencil( motor skills) etc. He just doesn't seem ready, sad thing is is he was in preschool for 2 years and they obviously didn't teach him anything. If I would have known this I would have waited to send him to kindergarten until next year. I'm just now finding out. His behavior is also not very good. Hes just still a little immature. The teacher is willing to work with him and fortunately very kind. I just need advice on what we can do at home to help him catch up academically. The teacher said there is a good chance he will fail. I just need someone to talk to and some advice.


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Also look for learning opps when in the store have him help by finding certain letters, colors, etc. If you are walking what color cars does he see, etc. He is a summer baby so the maturity will be an issue (I have 2 summer boys - July and August) but the big thing sounds like the academic. The reason that the teach said that is (at least where I live) the children have to know how to read, know the basic (preschool and kindergarten) dolch sight words, numbers to 100 by 1's 5's and 10's and a lot more just to complete kindergarten and if a child is behind academically it is hard to catch up. You might try looking at some of the homeschooling site and see if there are any worksheet that you can use with him. Also look through that was one of the sites we used when mine started school a few years ago.

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In addition to Vicki's advice.... things like puzzles, play doh, stringing beads, using scissors, etc... can strengthen his fine motor skills without making it seem like he's doing 'work'.... which might help a young 5 year old to enjoy it more.

I don't like that his teacher told you at the very beginning of the school year that he's likely to fail. That's horrible. He could grow and mature in leaps and bounds this year... But I also want to add that it's not the end of the world if he needs two years of K.

Work and have fun with him, but try not to let it stress you out. A year is a long time. :)

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I understand where your coming from my son was behind when he started as well. What worked for us was lots and lots of reading and discusions. You can purchase flash cards and sponge letters at the dollar store or walmart and play games with him? One of my kids favourite games was alphabet soup. I would put the sponge letters in the bath with them and ask them for a letter and they would swim around trying to find me the letter. As for writting i find that the thicker pencils work the best, they can hold them better and and get some tracing paper and get them to trace stuff shapes numbers letters etc etc.. also you can use dots to make letters and have them follow the dots?

Hope this helps!



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Thank you Sarah. I like both of your ideas about writing his name in sand and with finger paints. I'm already havering him trace his name. Unfortunately he doesn't seem completely interested in school work yet so it's been coaxing him and bribing him thus far, I would appreciate ways to help him get interested in learning from mommies also.:)

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The teacher was so wrong for speaking to you like that. He's only just starting, is adjusting to new surroundings, new people and a new routine. Not to mention he'll be one of the youngest kids in the year.

If he's happy to do stuff, then there are different things you could try. He could write his name in finger paints, or in a tray of sand. You could write his name in pencil and he could trace over the top. I always got my kids to write their own names in birthday cards, as then it'd writing for a reason and not just practice.

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Thank you Vicki for your advice, we have already bought him some Alphabet flash cards and a couple of workbooks with reward stickers. I love your advice about playing alphabet soup and I'm going today to pick up some thick beginners pencils for him.

Dove, your advice made me feel much better, I was so stressed last week after the meeting with his teacher that I was in tears. You are right, a year is a long time. I like the puzzle idea too and will look for an alphabet puzzle.

Worksheets are a good idea and already have a few along with workbooks, thankx Tena.


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