Need help.. My 5 year old son is throwing tantrums or starts crying everytime I ask him to study. And while studying or writing he is just not able to focus. Any idea what to do?


Niki - posted on 06/10/2014




Hi. Oh the five year old tantrums! Wait until he is six. I had three boys (and two girls) go through the sixes and I got grey hair and started taking naps myself, at about the time they were refusing them. Studying is so new to them at this age. All they have done for five years is play, nap, and play more. They have a study attention span (and any focused thing for that matter) of about ten minutes at this age. Maybe get out the kitchen timer and start with small blocks of time that he has to practice letters or do a puzzle worksheet. Reward him with fun activities like hopscotch counting or M&M's counting. At this age he won't want to do much work alone. At school he sits next to friends and watches what they do and say. He will need you to do the work with him, especially crafts or artwork. Don't expect him to be able to do work for long. Even at school, lessons are short and the time is spent listening to the teacher or walking around the room doing activities in every corner and on every shelf and wall. I still try to do work with my four youngest kids on breaks and over the summer. At ages 11 to 14 I still have trouble getting them to focus because they look around and they are at home. If I'm not organized, forget it, I lose them faster than I got them all around the table. Good luck to you. It is fun to help your child learn at this age. Remember algebra and biology? Ugh! I lose attention now when they want to work on those things.

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