Need help re: potty training

Jennifer - posted on 11/01/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




HI Everyone

My husband and I have a 3 yr old foster child (boy) We have had him for a long enough time he is really secure here (calls us mommy and daddy.)

We tried about a month ago to start potty training, and he wasn't ready. He showed a lot of signs ofeing read but we couldn't get him to sit on the big potty (with the smaller kid ring.)

We started again last week, and he's much more willing to go sit on the potty, however we've only been able to 'catch' him 1x going pee pee.

We take him every hour, he's in big boy undies, doesn't like being wet or dirty, and is earning a reward for going. We've had "dolls" pee, his "cookie monster" pee, had him run around naked and we can't catch him. He always pees during a nap or at bed.

We were putting a pull up on over his undies and stopped, as he didn't like the feel of it. We now just have undies and he can' "keep them dry"but the issue is he'sTOO dry. He's not having the "success" of peeing and knowing "oh, this is the feeling, I go in the potty." We can't force him to drink and are giving him foods and drinks which SHOULD make him go

Any other tips?



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Jennifer - posted on 11/01/2012




Hi Amy

We don't have a portable potty (our house is easy to get to a bathroom quickly) and he is still in pull ups for nap and night. I'm not even concerned about getting him trained at night yet :)

We don't necessarily want him to go without clothes all the time (outside is fine) because we have new carpeting in the house. "I'd" be fine with it, but hubby is all about having too many accidents on the carpet, which I get. I wish we had tile!

Amy - posted on 11/01/2012




Most kids don't sleep train till they older so if he keeps having accidents while napping and at night you should still be keeping a pull up on him. My son had accidents till he was 4 1/2-5 not everynight but once every few months, my daughter 2 1/2 has only had 1 accident at night since she potty traiend. My suggestion is if you have a potty move it to the room that you are frequently in that way if he starts peeing it's right there and you don't have to run him to the potty. If it's not working with just underwear you can try letting him go without clothes,

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