Need help! Still with waking up all night

Sara - posted on 07/28/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )





So my baby is 5 months old, during the day she is really good drinks her bottles sometimes won't take a full feed doc says she a cluster eater( been trying to correct that), but at night I'm at a loss. She usually goes to sleep at 8 before that she has some cereal(doc recommended) and a bottle usually only 4-5 oz. By 9-10 she is up again, we have been trying to just leave her and let her self soothe cause she will during the day but for some reason she just won't do it. This happens usually about 5-6 times a night and 2 of those times she wants to eat. I know she is teething but she has done this since we had her, I'm not sure what to try anymore it's too the point my husband stays up all night so I can sleep( he can't work at moment) and than I take the day shift. We have tried letting her cry it out, the wake to sleep method, just trying to soothe her in the crib, she won't take a sucky so can't use that, even if we could use one she a never held it in due to not learning to suck right away ( was in nicu for first 18 days). I'm out of ideas, anyone have any that may work. Oh and can't swaddle her she gets so upset and throws up and chokes on it 😕

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