Need help suggestions with my 13 year old son!

Angie - posted on 01/28/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son has always been a difficult child. Through the years my patience and tolerance has gotten very low. He has always had a problem with making friends to the point people become intensely angry with him. He has been diagnosed ADHD like most kids with behavioral issues. I really at this point do not know how to help him so that he grows to be a productive person. He has always had a problem with homework so he has an I. E.P. in school to help him achieve goals. It would take me a year to explain all the problems associated with his lack of social skills so my main question is does anyone have any suggestions or experience to help me get an idea of what lies ahead. I have to admit mentally I'm a wreck from all the stress that goes along with structure life for adhd child. I think this post is more for me then him. I'm on a lot of medications to help me deal with life. I feel like I failed him he has a LOT of potential he is very smart but learns quick but he can not do ANYTHING with out being told. I try to teach himself reliance but nothing comes of it. We have a happy life it. We do a lot of family activities. The future is wants troubling me. He has all f's,gets suspended for fighting,can not make friends, makes enemies with every person he encounters, family will not let him come over anymore because he's to much to handle. I'm extremely worried that he is going to end up in prison, commiting suicide from social isolation, drugs or dropping out. I use to be a fun loving person when he was younger. I'm only 32 and feel like I'm 100. Then anxiety from having 0 outlets except my husband has taken a massive blow to my health. I still hold it together and keep on trudging along like most parents. He has seen doctors,counsellors, every one. The school has done everything that's possible within their level to help him. Is always met with resistance. We put him in full time summer camps at the ymca every summer so he can get some POSITIVE social experiences outside of us. I have a daughter as well who is the polar opposite of him. She is a social butterfly and I do not have to help her with anything. She's a sweet kid and is very protective of her big brother cause she knows life is not that easy for him. I'm at a wall and am out of resources. He can't take medication because he has bad reactions to all of them. What do you do at this point?


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