Need help to keep my marriage healthy

Teressa - posted on 02/12/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hey. Im new and really need some help and people to talk to. Ive been married almost 2 years and we also have 2 kids and 1 on the way. When my husband and i got together i had just had my daughter so we've never really had time together. But almost a year ago we moved out on our own and stuff really got stressful. My husband and i can barely get along and it seems each fight gets worse. He works sometimes 15 hours a day as a welder and sometimes on saturday. I am a stay at home mom. Sometimes he will bring up well you needa get a job and see how it really is. But then next thing he would rather be home with the kids. He has said many times i know i get wrapped up in work and everything. But its like next thing hes all about work. His normal hours are 7-5 but they also have other jobs they do there for extra money. And their is many times we need the money but other times its like thats just he'd rather be doing. I've tried explaing to him i just want to spend some time with him. I really want that happy marriage we has at first but its like i cant pull it out of him. I really need some advice on how to keep my marriage going for our kids and because i really care and love my husband. And dont want to hurt my kids from us splitting up. Thanks in advance


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