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Tanya - posted on 11/19/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi I'm 26 treatment old and me and my husband been together for 8yrs but just for married this year and in two months be marry one year. My husband been on crack for years I don't like it hate with passion. But just the girl y'all was telling her to leave or not I'm feel like her just yesterday me and my husband d got in fight and said he wants a divcore. Cause I haven't clean made love to him or anything in a month now. I've been dealywith this for 8yrs absolutely have had enough I want leave but if I do I feel like fail as wife. We have no kids. I don't understand he told don't come home late night then before I get off work it's what do u want to do and I don't want succored but I know me and him not happy we both don't feel the love with each he choose stay up all night sometimes then appects me rub his feet or have sex with him and I don't want to cause be don't shows he loves me. He said he wants to stop and go to meetings but when he gets money or I get my pay check he rob's from me and all money home or sometimes he'll give me money then take back. But it's like there days he the man I need then he turns around and it's what he wants. I know I cant change him but believe he needs to fix us but to him he said if it's up to him fix us the wants a divcore and I don't believe in those. I'm tired I just want the man I marry back. Please help me.


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Guest - posted on 11/19/2014




I agree with Sarah, if he was doing crack before you married him, and he's still doing it, you have the man you married right now. You need to decide weather you love him enough to fuck him when he wants it, rub his feet when you're tired, endure his lies, and watch him get doped up on crack he bought with money he stole from you. If that's the kind of relation ship you want to be in, stay. If it isn't, get the divorce.

Getting a divorce doesn't mean you failed as a wife, when he is failing as a husband. It takes two people to make a marriage work, so if you do your part, and he doesn't do his, the marriage is going to fail. You need to decide whether you want to continue living in that failure, or leave it behind you and try again with someone who will do their part in the relationship.

Sarah - posted on 11/19/2014




You stated that he has been on crack for years, but you have only been married for almost 1 year. Then you state that you just want that man you married back......well he is the man you married. If he was doing crack before you were married that is who he is. That is the man you married. You married a drug addict.

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