Need help training breastfed 8wk old to use bottle

Kathy - posted on 07/01/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My 8wk old daughter won't take a bottle. She puts the nipple in her mouth and just gums it a little or spits it out. Sometimes she kind of gags. She will take a pacifier on occasion. HELP! I want to leave the house for more than a couple of hours!


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Keri - posted on 07/01/2009




I suggest having someone else offer her a bottle. Make sure she is hungry. Don't give in and nurse her. I am having a similar problem with my baby taking a bottle for daddy. She doesn't care how I feed her or what I feed her (formula or breast milk) as long as I feed her. Another idea is to start off nursing and then slip the bottle in her mouth. I recommend the Playtex nurser bottles with the soft silicone nipple.

Leanne - posted on 07/01/2009




We had a similar problem....however it was a case of her suddenly REJECTING the bottle she was occasionally getting. You might want to try what we did. We slipped the bottle btwn her lips just before waking for her next feeding. (they're making those sucky movements with their mouth while sleeping) Daddy also CANNOT use my breastfeeding pillow or sit on the couch where I feed her. Miranda is 3mos old now and Daddy can feed her with the bottle awake a reclining portable highchair.

Tracy - posted on 07/01/2009




I had the same trouble with my son i finally found the tommee tippee bottles and he loved them as they are very soft teats and shaped more natural. He never looked back!!

Alison - posted on 07/01/2009




put alittle sugar on the nipple, it sounds bad but breastmilk is sweet and this helps them adjust

Kate - posted on 07/01/2009




Have you tried different types of nipples? Breastflow is supposed to be a good system. Avent works well too (we did use that). Some like Medela but my DD hated that. It's best if you pump and then have someone else give her a bottle, because if she's with you she'll want to nurse. Keep trying, and make sure you have the lowest-flow nipple possible, because breastfed babies have to work to get milk whereas bottles kind of drip into their mouths (probably why she gags). Feed her in a more upright position too, that will help. I hope it works.

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