Need help with 13yrold daughter with ADHD

Faith Ann - posted on 07/22/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have a daughter age 13 soon to be 14 diagnosed with adhd. we are having so many issues with her not listening, pouting when told not to do something, jealousy between her and her sister who is 16. Constantly forgeting things, asking the same questions repeatedly. Even though she was given the answer a few days before. One minute she is acting like she is ten the next 18. my children live with their father during the school year and she is on concerta during that time, but he told me the doctor said she did not need to have it during the summer. She does not make friends easily, makes rude remarks constantly whether it hurts someones feelings or not, and seems to not realize she does it. but if you try to joke with her she takes it seriously and gets upset. she did not speak her first words till she was three, we did have a speech therapist in the home for her till she was four. at first we thought she could be deaf, but was tested and was not. you sit her down to talk to her about things and she says she understands, but five minutes later is doing the same very stressed about all this and not sure where to go from here....I thought about having her tested for autism but not sure if that is the right road. or if all this is just symptoms of the ADHD....any advice would be appreciatied. thank you

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