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Ive got 2 baby boys!! I started seeing a best friend of mine, an he also has a son. Now i was there for the birth of this lil boy, an was a major part of his life, until of course his dad an mom split, and we started seeing eachother.
So the story goes, my bfs baby momma will not leave me alone. She constantly harasses me. Has been a complete bitch to even my two children at a family function, making it to where i no longer want to deal with the family that deals with her. She etxts me all the time telling me how my bf is cheating on me with her, when I know they are lies, and Ive got proof. She even went so far as to chase me down a highway.
She has stated and told her 3 yr old son not to like me, and i am a bitch and cant take care of my kids....
I have done everythingin my power to try and get along with her an make things as enjoyable as possible, especially for the kiddos. I dotn think i can keep quiet any longer though, I really want to giver her a real good piece of me....
What do I do?? or opinions please????!!!!


Sarah - posted on 05/30/2012




If I look at it from her side, I would be angry too. You were obviously close if she had you at the birth of her child. Even if they broke up, it's still kinda against girl code to date a friends ex. To her, you are a bitch, you put your emotions above hers and didn't seem to consider her feelings before you began a relationship with this man. She is lashing out because she feels betrayed, hurt, and angry. Maybe she had hopes for a reconciliation and your relationship dashed her hopes of that. NOW, that does not excuse her behaviour at all. It's inappropriate to say the least that she would involve her child in these adult matters. Change your phone number, then she can't text you anymore. Or block her. She really doesn't need contact with you at all, decisions and arrangements regarding her son should be made with his father, not you. You can't control how she acts, but you can control how you do. Try to have some compassion and understanding for her position and see where she's coming from. Then simply be kind, civil, nice. She can take that however she wants, but even if she doesn't react positively, you can rest assured that you did the right thing this time.


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So you were friends with the mum and there for the birth.... and now you're dating her husband... wow.

Louise - posted on 05/30/2012




You rise above it, you are better than that and you can see there are children involved. Just stay plesant to the kids and they will know the truth and have nothing to do with her. Just make sure 100% that there is no element of truth about your partner, or this will eat away at you. The fact that you have her ex and the kids like you will be enough to drive her nuts!

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