Need help with daughters weight.

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I have a 4 1/2 year old daughter that is adopted so we have no family background. She only weighs 21 lbs and has no muscle mass. The doctors are very concerned about this. She wants to eat all the time. She is never full even after eating a meal. She seems not to have that "full factor". She is growth hormone deficient and has been on her injections for about 4 months. We have seem an increase in her height but nothing in weight. The doctors have put her on the 1.5 cal. Pediasure but doesn't seem to help. Just seems to maintain the weight. If I take her off then she starts to lose the weight. When she eats her stomach becomes bloated and hard. The doctors have done all kinds of bloodwork, stool samples and urine test with no results. We have noticed that with her test her alkaline phosphatase have been low but we can't find anywhere that says why that might happen. Just states why it would be high. Please any help would greatly be appreciated...thanks


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Sorry you are in such a tough situation. I don't know what you are feeding her, but I would avoid most carbohydrates and focus on fats and protein. When you feed her carbs, make it fruit instead of cereal or bread. It is best to serve carbs only in the afternoon and evening. Coconut oil is a great fat source. (The kind labeled unrefined will have a coconut-ty smell to it and a sweet taste while the refined will have no taste or smell) You can add it to anything warm you give her. The low carbohydrate and higher fat (especially saturated fat) will help her to feel full for longer and will also fuel her body better, without causing insulin boosts.
You can read more about it here:
It is a more natural way to eat, and is healthy for us all.

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