Need help with exclusive breast pumping..

Kim - posted on 04/24/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I gave birth a little over a week ago and my son was a great latcher. However, he would never be satisfied after feeding off of each breast so I (stupidly) gave him a small amount of formula to make sure he was full. Now he is refusing both breasts so I find myself pumping all the time. I am using a double electric pump(medela) and am only getting about 2 oz(total from both breasts) in 15 minutes. My question is how can i build up my supply? I always read about these women who pump for 15-20 miutes and get 10+ oz and i want that ot be me:) Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


~♥Little Miss - posted on 04/24/2013




That is actually a decent amount to start with. Your body will make the milk it needs for your child while they are breastfeeding, but it can be difficult to pump it. Make sure you are pumping every hour if you can. Or every 2 hours.

The baby gets more out of your boob than a pump can. At most, I think I was able to pump 4 ounces out of one, and 2 our of the other (at that time I only had a single pump). I would try to get him to latch on again. Just stop offering him a bottle, and only offer him boob. He is only a week out, he will make the transition. Just might be a lot of and him both.

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