Need help with feeding 3 Year old!!

Nicole - posted on 12/12/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




hi everyone, I have a 3 year old who recently just turned 3...these past few days have been hard, he is not eating supper for me..he has a few bites and then doesn't want to eat anymore. His day care teachers tell me he eats wonderful at school, sometimes even going for seconds! I don't understand why hes doing this to me now, we always have dinner around 5-530..i have him on a steady routine. I heard from others to just let him go hungry..and he'll learn i have tryed that, and it doesn't faze him, i even tryed taking away his faviourite toys but thats not working, Bed early..everything..even bribbing with treats..if he eats it all, im totally lost his more first child..and i need imput..please help!!! THanks Nicole


Dove - posted on 12/12/2012




If he's hungry, he'll eat. Just keep offering him a healthy meal with at least one or two things that you know he likes... and let him choose how much he does or doesn't eat. No child without additional medical issues will starve himself.

I do not have this issue here as I have the kids that NEVER stop eating (seriously, my son ate all his dinner, his sweet treat, and is on his second bedtime snack right this second), but I also have friends who's kid would lick the syrup off her waffle and be done with breakfast. ;)

Food is not a battle I choose to fight as it's not MY belly, so it's not my problem. My job is to provide healthy foods at regular intervals. Their job is to choose what and how much of it they eat.

Michelle - posted on 12/12/2012




I would say he is eating enough at daycare and so isn`t hungry when you are trying to get him to eat maybe you need to push supper back by 30 minutes and then he might be hungry. Don`t punish him for not being hungry he will eat when he needs it.


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Christal - posted on 12/12/2012




Like the Docs told my mom with my 7 yo little brother(who still is the same way) "If he is hungry he will eat!"

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