Need help with Liam 1.5 year old

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This week we took away his bottle. He never use to be dependant on it but the last few months he wont go anywhere without it.

But since then he has found a new thing to be dependant on...... MOMMY. He wont go to sleep unless it is with a fight and eventually on my chest about 3 hours after usual bedtime( which we have had him and sis in routine for about 6months - 1 year)

We have not slept well in over a week we getting frustratred at hime and each other because of lack of sleep.

We need serious advice pleae help


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 05/10/2016




He's 18 months old. Attachment at this age is totally normal!

Ans - posted on 05/10/2016




He has a blanket and stuffed animal that he has slept with since birth. So like i said he slept fine till we took the bottle, the second night without the bottle he actually slept through without any help or anything. That is where is gets confusing, the second night went down without any problems and then it started. during the day he is also very attached to me

Dove - posted on 05/10/2016




Normal. Frustrating, but normal. He's still really little and attachment is a good (though frustrating) thing. A lot of patience and snuggle time prior to bedtime. Maybe he can become attached to a blanket or stuffed animal (or something that smells like you) and that will help ease his transition. If you have a small blanket (like an old receiving blanket) maybe lay it on your chest while you lay him on your chest to sleep and transition him into his bed w/ the blanket... and eventually he might be able to fall asleep w/ just the blanket.

My own son slept next to me til he was almost 6 years old and I wouldn't change a thing about that... so good luck! ♥

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