need help with my 2 year old daughters hair she is of mixed race white and black

Kristina - posted on 03/22/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




she has very pretty hair very curly and very long but when it is dry i kinky black curls that become very dry i have tried so many products and nouthing has worked dont know what to do i do not want to cut it or straighten it


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Amanda - posted on 03/22/2012




My son is mixed race as well. We wash one to two times a week and condition every other day. I also add mineral oil or almond oil to his baths once a week. He has very dry skin and the oil helps, but it also helps his hair and is completely natural. We only brush his hair when it is wet. He is 7 and has a mohawk, so some of his hair is very long. Use a stiff comb and kind of 'pick' at the curls in sections to detangle, then use the styling product. We have used a flat iron on his hair, but it never gets straight, just loosens the curl a bit.

Deidre - posted on 03/22/2012




Lots and lots of hair conditioner is the key. Combing it while in the shower is also very key, wide toothed comb. It is definitely a chore, I know, But the good news is there is no need to wash it DAILY. Go online and look up Black Beauty Hair Care Products. Also research any local black beauty salons. You may want to invest in getting her hair braided. It is so much more manageable.

Beware of any hair products that contain alcohol, like mousse. That really causes dry and brittleness in black hair. Gel also is a no no. She needs Grease. It is also called "Hair Food" You part the hair and grease the scalp and then apply to the rest as you comb it all through. She can get her hair washed once a week.

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