Need help with my one year old!

Shonna - posted on 08/29/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Ok first of all I have several things that I need help with:

First off I need to get him to sleep in his room. He doesnt sleep in bed with my dh and I but he sleeps in our bedroom and I want him to start sleeping in his room. I have tried several things but he will not sleep in there. He sleeps maybe and hour tops. I tried having him take naps in there and those arent working either. I dont know what to do. I dont like the crying method because he cries and doesnt stop and he gets all worked up and makes himself sick. So any suggestions are appreciated.

Second off we are leaving for the beach this weekend well September 5th and will be there for 9 days. Any advise from any one whom has taken a 1 year old to the beach before I would love to hear.

Thirdly I am nursing and trying to wean, well he isnt having any of that and now he is rejecting most solid food so that he nurses all the time now and he is right back to being awake every few hours at night because he is starving. I think that he is picking up that mommy is trying to take away the boobie and he is not going to let that happen.

One last thing he is biting, not when he nurses just walks up to you and bites. I have taped him in the mouth and said "no" and even tried "people are not for biting this is" and give him something he can bite but that is not working.

Sorry I am just full of advice that I need. Sorry in advance but I dont know what to do with these issues. I am a first time mother and boy I have never felt so stupid till now.


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Shonna - posted on 08/29/2009




Thank you Chrissy and Sharon for your advice! I wish that for the sleeping arangments we would have done his bedroom from the start and then I wouldnt be in this situation but live and learn

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For sleeping in their own room.....we started off with putting comforting things in her crib that held our scents. So a t-shirt or a blanket that was used during the day to carry her in, etc. It's sort of a method I adapted from when my dog was a puppy and we wanted him to sleep in his own bed. We eventually moved those things out and replaced them with something she choose, a stuffed minnie mouse doll. Oh I also use music as a soother during bed time but I hate to admit I had to revert to the crying it out method after all because she would wake up in the middle of the night and refuse to go back to sleep unless mommy was in her room and I couldn't do that because I worked during the days.

As for the beach....we live about an hour away from the beach so we frequently visit it. We bring the following: Beach blanket, sand toys, bucket and shovel plus lots and lots and lots of sunscreen...forget the baby stuff it doesn't work as well as the kids for beach time. When we go in the water I have to hold her because the waves scare her but she does like sitting at the waters edge.....oh swim diapers are a must! Not to mention...lots of changes of diapers and lots of wipes! Sand gets in every place.

Chrissy - posted on 08/29/2009




My twins had a hard time sleeping in their room, but the only thing that worked was a nite light and let them cry it out. It is sad but they realize that mommy and daddy aren't giving in to them...No matter what. Then they will go to sleep. Right now your little is playing the "if I make myself sick" game you will come to the rescue.

Second: We lived close to the beach to make sure that it isn't a windy day, or the little one will HATE the sand beating against their little leggs and you will have to hold them the whole time. Get a portable pop-up tent from Toys r us, take that and set it up with a few beach toys, alot of sun block, and an umbrella...have a great time. We also took a small blow up pool and feeled it with salt water from the beach...hours of fun!

Third: Biting is just a stage, popping him in the mouth will never work! Go down to his level and explain that biting hurts and that he is hurting his friends. I works, just follow through in a firm tone!

I hope that this helped, but eventually it will all come naturally to ya....if you need anything else, I wil be here....Good Luck! :)

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