need help with toilet training after thinking daughter was already trained

Stephanie - posted on 02/04/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 2yr old (soon to be 3yr old) daughter has been having a lot of pooping and peeing accidents over the last month. She started training late August and learned quickly. I was surpised at how easy and well she did. Over the last 6 weeks she has been pooping in her pants without telling us she has to go to the bathroom. Not every time, she still goes to the bathroom on her own. I always tell her after she has an accident "Kennedy let mommy know when you have to pee or poop" she just smiles. There hasn't been any changes around home, I could use some advice please. Stephanie


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My son did the same thing a couple different times. He would go a couple days with no accidents, then wake up the next day and just not seem to care. He would then go a couple weeks/months of having absolutely no interest in the potty. Finally, one day when he seemed to have some interest in the potty again, I put regular underwear on him. The first couple days went great, then on the third day, he started with the not careing, and peed on my floor. I finally told him, that if he peed in the potty he would get a fruit snack (just one piece, and his favorite candy). If he peed on my floor and I had to clean it up, then I would get to eat one fruit snack. He was so determined not to let me eat one of his fruit snacks, that he started using the potty every time, and has been daytime trained for a little over a month now, with absolutely no accidents!


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Catherine - posted on 02/05/2011




I would suggest going back to basics asking or telling her it's time for potty when you think she might need but make sure the potty is a fun place and worth her time to visit the potty. I used a sticker chart with small stickers for pee and big sticker for poo, simple but effective. Fun picture books help too (adults are not the only ones who like to read on the loo) If you use a child seat make sure it's fun and comfy preferably padded and a step to get there.
Good luck.

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