Need honest feedback and perspective please

Marsha - posted on 07/15/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




After being a single mom for many years and trying to do the best by my children, I have a ridiculous problem as they are now grown. I worked my butt off raising them and they are all now successful. My three boys acquired a stepmom when they were 10, 7 and 5. The stepmom is a family law attorney and kept me in court for 7 years trying to gain custody on behalf of my ex-husband. The three attempts never reached the threshold of going to trial as there was no basis, but cost me $50K and a ton of my time to respond to the made up accusations

In the ensuing years, I thought we were "co-parenting", but everything I said to her was misconstrued, relayed to the boys and used against me.

Now she is referring to my sons and their spouses as hers on Social Media. Such as "happy birthday my son" on Facebook and in response to an Instagram photo of a creation from my daughter in law with "that is my wonderful, talented daughter in law". I am aware that I may be oversensitive to this, but it pains me nonetheless. My boys don't get it and find my requests for her to stop offensive.

On a side note, at my youngest wedding last year, she overstepped boundaries at every turn and he had a step mother of the groom dance with her that hurt my feelings. But they say they don't get it. We have another wedding coming up in less than two months. I have many obligations in relation to the wedding, but feel like my boys are betraying me.

I am open to hearing that I am being unreasonable in having hurt feelings. I just want more feedback please.

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