need ideas for how to enjoy water activities and night life with infant

Shikha - posted on 12/08/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




hey all
We are new to USA, wanna go out for vacation to Florida and keys, but dont know how will we enjoy with 15 month old as it has all water activities and night life to enjoy .Weather would be good in December so we are going there but give ideas how to enjoy ourselves. Are there any babysitters who can take care of baby and are they safe? We are in dilemma what to do


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Gena - posted on 12/09/2014




My hubby and i were on an island on the maldives..surrounded by water and lots of sun. We didnt take our baby with because it was said its not nice holidays for babys/children. It just so happened that our neighbor bungalo were a couple also from Switzerland and they brought their 1yr old baby with. She had alot of suncreme,sun hats etc and stayed under the palms with a bucket to play in the sand. The couple just took turns with going snorkling. My hubby and i really got to relax,but we also saw it would have been possible to take a baby with. You say your baby is 15months, water activtys should not be a problem! We also took our 14 month old to South Africa and we would spend the day at the beach,just always make sure you are with your child in the water. And get a strong suncreme,a good sun hat, a sunbrella and a special swimsuit. Take enough drinks and snacks with.Going to eat out shouldnt be a problem.

Ledia - posted on 12/08/2014




Are you staying at a resort or a hotel? Resorts usually offer programs for children that coordinate with activities for adults. So you would talk to the concierge and tell them what you want to do, and they will help you get your child signed up for some toddler activities so that you can have some time to enjoy some adult time. Once scheduled, you just drop your child off for their activity and go on to yours.

They should also have a lot of activities that you can do together as a family, and the concierge should help you figure out what those are and help you plan your time wisely.

I always recommend staying at a resort instead of a hotel when you have young children because they are so much more convenient in terms of child care, available amenities, and helpful staff members.

Carolina - posted on 12/08/2014




I've been taking my daughter paddle boarding with me since she was 10minths old. She wears a life jacket.
That's the best thing to have on hand while you are planning on doing water activities. Make sure it fits properly.
Regarding the nightlife stuff, it really all depends on you. My kiddo has been out with us for late dinners and she has been fine.
As to the babysitter thing, just do some research for the area you will be in.
Good luck

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