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I volunteer every Sunday in the nursery for children who are one years old. I have about 15 to 20 children in my class. I know every child and greet them at the door every time. The children have grown to love me just as much as I love them. Once the children turn 2 years old I am suppose to send them to the next classroom for their age. I am having a really hard time due to the fact that the children are having a hard time. I have so much anxiety and am sick to my stomach leaving some of the children who are not doing so well in the new class. I recently went into the 2's class to calm down two of the children. I left my bracelet with one and promised the other one a baby doll from my classroom. The girls did okay but only because someone had to hold them the whole time. I had to go back to my classroom because I teach lessons and I had the children in my class upset because I wasn't there. Then another one of the girls from the 2's class was with a volunteer crying so much she was gagging down the hall - I went to Haley and asked her if she wanted to come into my classroom to wait for her mommy and she came running into my arms. I had already told the parents before they dropped their child off in the 2's that if they weren't okay that I would go get them and they would be with me. Each parent said it was okay. The parents know that I'm all about safety and I truly care for their child. After the parents came to pick up the children in my class I went to the 2's and waited for Haley's mom to come. I told her mom and the two other moms of the 2 other girls that next Sunday I would like them to bring them to my class instead.

I know I'm not suppose to do that but I feel like I have no choice. These children never cry coming to my class and love being in my class. To see the children so upset and having to be held just broke my heart.

I am looking for ideas or anything that can help get the children comfortable with wanting to go to the 2's. I would love for them to stay with me but this is part of the school life and I really want to help these children.

- Angelswithme.


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Thank you to everyone who replied to my post. I think I'm going to take pictures of the 2's classroom and the teachers and make like a small poster and add this into my lessons. Explain to the children about the class and make them more excited to go than I have been. I will let ya'll know how it goes....

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Make the two yr old room sound like something special, like if they listen really good to you then they get to goto thevtwo yr old class and sing songs? My daughter went through this when she was suppose to move up a class. (she was four and didnt like the prek teacher)the pre k teacher was great but she loved her four yr old class teacher.

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They will follow your lead and pick up on your fears/feelings about the whole thing.

Change needs to happen slow ... so they visit the big kid room with you for 20 minutes or so, then they visit without you there a few times.... the teachers from that room come visit them a few times and the kids get to see that you like the new teachers .... they need to know you have faith in them, that you feel they are big, strong, ready for this move ... they get their ideas of what they can do from you right? So, they need to know you know they can do it

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Awww! That is so sad :( Maybe you can transition them by letting them come and visit you whenever and vice versa.
They really love you!
But you have to let go.
I don't think it's a bad idea to have them go back to your class.
It sounds like they are just too upset.

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