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A friend and I had a baby mid Jan and he was confirmed to be his biological father at the end of May. He lives across Canada and works in AB. I am trying to get some information about how visits will work. He seems to think he can just uproot my son to Ontario every visit he gets, do you think the judge will allow this?

I want my sons father too play an active roll in my sons life, but I think it is too soon to take him to Ontario as they have spent a total of 4 hours together. I want our son to at least feel comfortable and have a relationship established before that happens.

Also, his father has made it very hard for me to trust him.. doesnt communicate anything to me, doesnt call when he says hes going too. I am the only listed parent on the birth certificate and am wondering what my rights are as a mother to insure my sons safety. Can I request only supervised visits be allowed until court is delt with?

He also seems to think he will be able to take my son for over night visits (he doesnt have a house in calgary) am i forced to allow our son to sleep at complete stragers house while visiting with his father?

I know im kind of all over the place, but I am a single mom looking for some answers :) any help would be greatly appreciated!


Rachel - posted on 07/09/2011




I would tell him he can not take the child or see him with out your present and since he is not on the birth certificate he has no right to the child. I would go through the court system and determine a schedule for the child to get to know his father. I know how it is to be a single parent as i was one with my first child for 2 years and you only want what is best for them. Do not let him take the child and go to domestics or what ever it is called up there. have a agreement set up with everything worked out before he takes him. for now I would allow him to come to your home to see the child or meet him somewhere for a few hours for your baby to get to know his father. Good luck I hope everything works out and unless his name is on the birth certificate he is not recognized as the boys father.


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Tamara - posted on 07/09/2011




If you are nursing then you can use that as a reason he can't take the baby over night.

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