Need input. Brother and his wife....children involved.

Mommabird - posted on 04/06/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Need advice so I can help my brother in a situation. He found out he has RA about 6 months ago. Dr put him on meds. He is physically unable to work fulltime. He fights through the pain some days to go to work and make some money for his family. Hes a master electrician so he will usually get paid by the job not by the hour. His wife quit her job as a server in a restaurant to pursue a career doing nails. She works 2 days a week. Refuses to get a fulltime job to help financially...says shed rather be home with kids who are 9 and 4. Their marriage isn't going to last with her behavior lately. Her own mother is certified mentally unstable and my brothers wife is starting to show signs herself. Won't tell those stories to you but just know she is unstable and not fit to be around the children most of the time. My concern is if they divorce she will use his disability against him saying he can't physically care for the kids...but he can say the kids aren't safe with her either. She gets angry and punishes them in very innappropriate ways. What would a judge do in a situation like this?? I pray things get better between them but scared of what may happen if it doesn't. Any advice or opinions?

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