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My daughter is 13, almost 14 months old. On April 5th she came down with a case of hives that persisted on her back off and on for almost a week. When I first noticed the hives I also noticed she had a swollen gland on her neck. Not big or noticeable outside the skin but I felt it when I was washing underneath her chin. So the Monday after the hives went away we saw the doctor who gave us antibiotics saying she didn't really know what was going on and that she was going to treat for ear infection and see if it goes away. It didn't go away and I soon noticed a second lump. By that Friday we were at the doctor again because this tiny blisters suddenly erupted on her foot-not fluid filled-and were very irritated. Less than an hour after the blisters appeared blood pooled in her left leg all the way up to the bottom of her knee when all she was doing was just standing there. She screamed when it happened but was fine after the circulation returned. So we went back to the doctor, who ordered basic blood work, which came back normal, and were sent home saying they didn't know what it was still. She has swollen lymph nodes in her groin and I have recently found a new one on the back of her head that was never there before. Her circulation is also iffy off and on ever since that Friday but only mainly her legs. She also has periods where she can walk just fine and others where she keeps stumbling and falling and sometimes acts confused. Also recently she sometimes becomes inconsolable and screams and screams and arches her back and acts like something is bothering her and I try to pick her up but it only makes her thrash around worse. The bumps/blisters have also been slowly spreading up her leg still and she screams at times when a new one pops up. She has also been acting fatigued and always seems/looks/acts tired and is clingy at times.She is also almost 14 months old and hasn't really said much if any words at all. I am just becoming at a loss. The doctor doesn't want to listen. These past few weeks I have lived every day wondering what awaits tomorrow and I just want it to stop and for life to return to normal but we can't afford to pay for treatment out of pocket and unless the doctor recommends someone can't take her to see anyone else. But apparently she doesn't think she needs to be seen by a specialist regardless. Have any of you experienced anything like this? We have an appointment on May 8th and all she said at our last appointment was that if the lymph nodes were still there she would just order more blood work. This all seemed to start when she had the sudden random fever on her birthday that caused her to have a febrile seizure the day after, and about two days after that she developed an umbilical hernia. It just seems like it's been downhill ever since that day. I never knew doctors could be so irritating and ignorant until I had kids and one of them got sick. I guess I a just asking for opinions/advice/someone to talk to? Thanks for listening... :)


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I would find another pediatrician for a second opinion and a referral to a specialist. I am totally disgusted with your doctor. Either way, find another pediatrician, cause clearly this one doesn't listen and will not refer.

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