need recmmendations on how to handle my disrespectable son and his girlfriend

Cynthia Marie - posted on 04/15/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am very confused and need some suggestion, I have a 21 yr old son who thinks he can run my house his girlfriend just kinda moved her way into my house and now she has been living here to they also brought a pitbull puppy into my house which my son mentioned he was going to get one and i said you can not have apuppy here and you know that because the last one he brought in had to go because we rent and the lanlord found out and said he needed to get ot out we have 3 dogs now which everyone of them are just has upset has me, so 1 we have three dogs, 2 lanlord is not allowing another dog, 3 they think we are built in dog sitter for them its crazy! and yes they have not taken it to get vet care and ect... we have told them over and over we do not want the dog here!! and we should not be left with it all the time, the girlfriend is now going to be working 2 jobs and my son will not take responsabilty for it and take care of it when she is workinghe lets out of the bedroom as soon as she leaves the house if my lanlord finds out we will be out!! I said to his girlfriend you have guys have to have the dog out by the end of the month, my husband and i think part of the reason for the puppy was then she had a excuse to be here all the time but she said that my son asked her to get it for a birthday preseant, they are really taking advantage of us and my house and I dont like it, she eats here sleeps here showers here, just rings the dog up and walks out the door all the time, and now she has a attuide because i put the pressure on and told them the dogs has to be out at the end of the month, her parents wont even let the dog in their house because the to have 2 dogs and also because of the breed so she doesn't bring it there but when I say something its like she all of the sudden has a attitude, she also said she would like to pay her parents the money she owes them before moving out. Everyday we are stuck watching the puppy along with my 3 other dogs and I am so fed up!! please help me!.


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Time to pull out the tough love.

Sit them both down, give them two weeks to find an alternative living situation. If they do not want to do that, have a contract ready for them to sign, outlining their responsibilities as paying tenants of your home. Include the 'get rid of the dog' clause, and include a set amount for rent. For that amount, you figure all of the house expenses: Rent, utilities, cable, phone, internet & food (if they eat there). Divide that amount by the number of bodies in the house. Their share is two portions of that amount. So, for example if total monthly expenses were $400, and 4 bodies in the house, each pays $100...

If they don't like that, return to the option of two weeks to get out, and serve them with an eviction notice.

Helen - posted on 04/15/2014




i think you should tell your son to move out with his girlfriend. it will be hard, but that seems one good solution to stop the whole thing.


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Ev - posted on 04/15/2014




It sounds like they just barged their way in and think they can do what they want at the same time this mom is not standing her ground and telling them no. If there is a lease here, then if they are not on the lease they should not be living there. I would move their stuff out on the lawn and get the keys.

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