need recommendations for a pro per Atty to get custody of my three grandsons...

Lorraine - posted on 06/06/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter had the boys removed from her care...she went to jail on drug charges...meanwhile my other daughter rushed over and got emergency temporary custody of the boys( I knew nothing at the time) a month later their mother gets out of jail and despite of what the rules were she moved in with her sister and the boys. A couple of weeks go by and my daughters start having disagreements so the daughter who went to jail waits for her sister to leave for work and abducts the boys for a month...CP's was looking for them but slacked off around the third week... On the fourth week my daughter is at my door with the boys... She leaves them with me and takes off so I had to call CP's otherwise it would of gone against me.The next day they pickup the boys screaming n crying...they were so scared...I ran inside my heart was completely crushed. The worker told me over and over he would place the boys with me...I had them since they were born all three of them...but then the worker walks off the another worker takes over and sets up the home assessment...asked me if I ever had a cps case which I did twenty years ago for failing to protect them from their fathers environment yet their father did not live with mother got guardianship then I fought hard for my girls and I got sole physical I tell the assessment worker this and she tells me "there's no way you could have done that". So she starts digging into something that happened twenty years ago ( as if it has somethkidsto do with the boys now...meanwhile months go by and my grandsons are in a foster home and another worker is assigned to the case...then the assessment worker reports to the case worker that I did not get custody of mypapersand d tllhat I do not answer her voice mails and calls which is completely untrue.So I get denied and they want to send the boys with my 19 year old daughter...I was told I need to file guardianship papers by an Atty and get copies of the. Custody papers and send them to the workers on the case...,. While my grandsons are in a foster home...what should I do...can anyone give me some advice on what to do?

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