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Katharine - posted on 06/13/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




So I am in this relationship and love this guy. We are also having a baby boy together due in Oct. and we were engaged before the baby. When we got engaged his family was not to happy because it was fast, and his stupid supposably best friend told him that I am not good enough for him. She is someone that has him on a leash I dont like it one bit.
However, I want to marry this man so badly but dont think he is ever going to ask me again. Plus he is going to be going to the national guard and I dont know if and when he is going to be going over seas I really dont want him to go but I want him to only be happy.
Does anyone know how I could maybe ask him to marry me or is that weird to ask him? Or should I just wait till he might or might not get around to it? I am so confused and want to be able to start my family together I don't want any other man except him in my life. He is the best.


Tracy - posted on 06/13/2010




Sure you can ask him, but why would you want a boy who's on another woman's leash? He apparently can't think for himself and won't stand up for you.

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Feel free to start a new thread on this topic

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Sharon - posted on 06/13/2010




He isn't the best. how in the world can he be when he is listening to other people about how to live his life.

Tisha - posted on 06/13/2010




So, are you not engaged anymore because of his family and friend? When I got tired of waiting I just sat my husband, then boyfriend, down and told him how I felt. I told him that I wanted to marry him but I wanted to know where he stood on the subject. We talked about it and we have now been married for 6 years!

JuLeah - posted on 06/13/2010




So, he called off the wedding? Beacuse his family was not happy and his best friend said you are not good enough for him?

There is nothing wrong with you asking him, but why would you?

You deserve a person who thinks you are tops, number one, the best, can't wait to see you, can't wait to talk with you, dreams of a future with you, bubbles over at the idea of starting a family with you ..... that doesn't sound like this guy.

If you settle, you get what you settle for, and you deserve the best.

Louise - posted on 06/13/2010




If you love this guy then ask him to marry you. Tell him what he means to you and tell him that you want to be a real family for your son. Mum and Dad with the same name. You want to share your life the ups and downs with him and can't imagine any one else being by your side. See what happens!

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