Need serious help for my mother. Please help. Any advice, direction, and just help in general will do, please.

Aaron - posted on 12/09/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hey guys, I know i'm not a mom or anything like that but I need serious help for my mom and i figured this would be my best bet. She's a wonderful mother she takes care of four boys-while her entire family or better said, our entire family lives back in our home country panama- me being one of them, she's loving, caring, hardworking, religious, just everything you could ask for in a mom, i honestly wouldn't change her for the world, but as i've grown up- as i am now six-teen- i've noticed more and more the situation we live in.... my dad is just not what we ever expected and she is trying to get out of that "marriage" if you even want to call it that at this point... i wish i could say more about it but as it is not my place to tell her personal life i won't. Regardless, i will get to the point as to not waste more of you guys time, she's a stay at home mom who speaks english but her native tounge is spanish so she's better at that, she got her collage degree in panama (in finances) and is deeply wanting to invest in a business to get us out of our situation rather than find a job and leave us to fend for ourselves as we can't right now. All i need for my mother is information about a place to find people where she can share her dream or simply have people willing to start and invest like she is. She's dedicated, hard-working, focused with dreams of starting a business and making it grow, all of her friends right now either don't share the dream of starting a business or are very unrealistic about businesses since they do not have the money to invest and therefore can't. I'm really sorry guys, i just can't stand seeing my mom struggle and cry anymore, she's a very strong women, i'd say one of the strongest i've ever seen, but everyone has a breaking point. If you guys know anyone or are interested yourself in doing this please give her an email at she doesn't know I'm doing this so forgive me if she doesn't respond right away. I don't know how to make it anymore believable to you guys other than my dad will be returning from his "trip" soon and she'll be stuck in the same situation she's so desperately trying to get out of. Thank you guys for your time and i hope you guys consider this or let a friend know that shares my moms ideas as well.
P.S: we live in the state of Colorado, also please forgive me for my grammatical errors. Also i thought this was a pretty safe place to put my moms email out so some creeps wouldn't email her.

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