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Has anyone noticed your body's sleep needs changed after the pregnancy? Our son just turned 2 and he has always been a great sleeper. So, it's not that we're up all night or anything, but before the pregnancy I was able to run of 6 hours of sleep no problem. I was so energized. Now, I'm exhausted all the time. I have to have 10 hours of sleep to feel normal.


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It is pretty normal. Most mental health and health care professionals believe it has to do with the additional emotional and mental demands of being a parent. Even though mental and emotional processes are not physically demanding, they can still be physically draining.

There are also theories out there that many women do not sleep as deeply as they did pre pregnancy once they became mothers, as a result of our protective instincts from generations ago. They have not pinpointed an actual chemical change in the brain yet because the phenomenon has not yet been clinically studied--the study will involve brain scans and other neurological data collection in non-mothers, then again during pregnancy, then at least 2 or 3 at different intervals post pregnancy, as well as a control group of women in the same age group who do not become mothers. So it will be long term, and I don't know of anyone proposing it at this time, but the phenomenon is widely reported and there are lots of hypothesis and theories on why.

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