Need some advice on how to stop my 2 1/2 year old from wanting me to stay in his room till he falls asleep

Michelle - posted on 03/19/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




Need some advice on how to stop my 2 1/2 year old from wanting me to stay in his room till he falls asleep. Also once he wakes up in the night and doesn't find me there he comes to our room wanting me to take him back to bed and stay, he says he's scared in general, but he also mentions monsters. I'm pregnant and due in a few months and need to get a handle on this! HELP!


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I have a few ideas. Neither of my boys are scared of the dark or have monster issues so I've never tried these.

1. Use (or make your own) Febreeze and let your son spray his room with "Monster-be-gone."

2. Put a night light in his room to keep the monsters at bay.

3. Get a medium to large stuffed animal that he likes to stay on his bed to keep watch for monsters and scare them away.

I have also allowed both of my boys to watch the movie Monsters Inc. I think this helped by giving them the idea that monsters are funny, not scary. Good luck.


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Anna - posted on 03/26/2012




I was having the same problems with both of my daughters. So I made up a sleeping fairy. She comes every night and leaves something little under the pillow. However, she comes only in case that they fall asleep without going out of the room several times before falling asleep and without wanting me to stay in the room. This solved the problem instantly the first night I made it up and has been working since then... Of course I am the sleeping fairy :D Sometimes I give them a small cookie, sometimes an apple or bananna, sometimes stickers or sometimes even a letter that I write for them with pictures (they cant read).

This works for falling asleep. Does not work for comming to my bed at night - since the fairy comes right after they fall asleep, so they usually bring their present with them and then we all sleep in my bed..

This has one more advantage - they wake up every morning with a good mood, since there is always a surprise. There have been several nights when the fairy did not come and so they know that they have to follow rules.

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We were having the same problems with my 2 year old. However, he is unable to articulate what is the actual problem. He has a speech delay due to problems with his ears. What we started doing is leaving his bedroom door open so the light from the livingroom and the noise of us being in the next room can get into his room easier. Plus, I have a star shaped light from Ikea hanging on his wall and I started leaving it on in addition to his nightlight. Plus, I asked my preacher to pray for him and he in return asked to congregation to pray for him and us parents as well!! He now goes to bed fairly easily. (We still have the occasional moments) In the last 3 weeks or so, he's only awoken once in the night crying and all I have to do is go in and tell him to lay back down and night night. I hope (and pray) that for his sake as well as yours that he gets past this soon for you!!

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I went through the same thing with my daughter, we had to ween her off of that and sleeping in bed with me. It was hard because for the longest time we shared a room due to living arrangements and so when we moved in with my now husband it was important to start fresh and lay down new rules that would stay in place. She has always had a night light, bedtime music/book on cd, and stuffed animals to sleep with, so it came down to establishing a new bedtime routine.

I couldn't just stop going in there cold turkey, I felt it would be mean, so I started limited the time I would stay in there. I started with 5 minutes and would take a minute off every few days. I would always remind her of my time limit at the beginning and kiss her goodnight before leaving the room so she wouldn't think I had just disappeared. If she would start crying I would tell her it was time for her to go to sleep and tell her something I would be doing when I left her room. If she continued crying I would go check on her every few minutes, adding more time in between my visits the longer it went on. I would just remind her she needed to calm down and go to sleep. If she came out of her room I would just take her back in, tell her to stay in bed and go to sleep and then leave.

The others had good ideas for the monster problem and I hope this helps as well!

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We have a 3 year old that I have to lay with every night until he falls asleep. He will wake up from time to time as well and wants me to come lay with him until he falls back to sleep so I know just want you're going though. He says he feels more comfortable when I'm close, even though our room is only about 10 feet away. I just do it. I actually enjoy it since it's about the only time aside from him being sick that I can cuddle him. I figure it won't last forever and soon he'll be locking me out of his room! You could try a night light, some soft music or a special something that brings him comfort if you'd like to get beyond having to lay with him every night. You could also try the "sleep fairy" which worked for our son for a while. If he sleeps in bed by himself the entire night the sleep fairy will leave him a small toy or something of that sort to reward him. Whatever you do good luck!

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