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I have just recently started taking my son to see his dad after 4 years of us being away from him because of the verbal abuse and drinking. Recently I took my son over because his dad ask to see him. The whole time were over there My son was playing with the neighborhood kids which was fine.. But, his dad the whole time is calling me stupid, cussing at me saying really just out of line things (which is not the first time) After he seen none of it was phasing me he asked me to take him to buy some cigarettes, I said no so again he called me stupid then the next thing I know is, he's charging at me and my son sees and starts yelling stop stop somehow we got into my car and pulled off luckily I have the habit of locking my doors when we get it because outta habit I did that so he wasn't able to open the door. This is the second time my son has witnessed him putting his hands on me.. My question is Am I wrong for not ever letting my son go back and AM I wrong for not letting him go with his grandmother either.. I don't want him to go with her because im knowing shes going to just take him right over to her sons house.. And mind you he dosent do anything for him.


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Why don't you go get custody, visitation and child support set up? And if he is attacking you in front of your child, why do you not call the police at that point and get him charged with that attack? You put yourself in the situation to be attacked by agreeing to take the child over to dad's house and staying there. With custody, visitation and child support set up the court orders are such that you both have to abide by them. You can also ask for a third party to transport your son back and forth for visits so you do not have to deal directly with his father. It sounds like you need an intermeidary to handle things for you. But do not place yourself or your child in danger again like that, have a third party and not his mom or yours take him for visits. But get a court order first. And dad can go to court and ask for custody too. Right now if you let his dad take him he does not have to give the child back to you.


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