NEED SOME ADVISE!!!!! My 17 yr is mad at me,,he use to live with his dad for a couple of month i was going through emotional feelings for his dad. Instead of me keeping how I felt about his dad i shared it with my 17 yr. and another child. I took my 17 yr old away from his dad, and know I am back in the picture with his dad,,so my 17 yr old feels i betrayed him..He doesn't show respect for me only his dad..All we do is argue amongst one another,,I need some advise please help!!!


Michelle - posted on 12/19/2012




It may help to know what you said to him. Just saying you were going through emotional feeling doesn't tell us much. Were you angry at him or had romantic feelings while you were separated?

I'm guessing you were angry with him though. I think you need to sit down with your son and let him know that what you had said was when you were upset and you realize you shouldn't have said it to him. Maybe even explain to him why you had a change of heart and that sometimes when we really love someone and they hurt us, we say things we really don't mean.


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Mimi - posted on 12/19/2012




Thanks for your response. That's exactlly how I was thinking I was mad at dad should of kept my thoughts to myself and dealt with dad period not know one else.. Now another thing is once my 17 yr left he stole a couple of items from dad...and then had went back again while dad wasn't there and stole his had file a police report and the case was dismissed..
You see my 17 yr was placed in foster home 3 yrs ago and finally came home this year.. while at the foster home he was always in the streets hanging around doing what he's not suppose to do..Once he was living with dad, dad had him in control,, 17 yr didn't like that so he ranaway.

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