Need some guidelines to work with my daugther who just turned 13yrs

Venkata - posted on 09/15/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )





My daughter just turned 13yr, I am noticing some changes in her behavior. She is very sweet girl and she can understand things very well. My concern is she is not responsible, we have to remind each and everything, do this, do that, set the time for each task, she spends 1hr in bathroom to get ready, she just wastes more time in bathroom, instead of that she could just use 20mins in bathroom & use rest of the time efficiently. She always shows frustration on her brother, sometimes if I tell her some work, she just changes her face expressions. She doesn't wake up by herself, she doesn't keep time in mind. I want her to loose someweight to look nicer, I keep telling her but she won't try to implement that. She is lazy to do excercises. She is very sweet girl, but these are the concerns which are bothering us so much. She always shows her restlessness. Please help me how to handle this situation. This is very sensitive matter, I want to handle in a sweet way, so that my daughter doesn't take things in wrong way. All MOM's please provide me your inputs on how to handle the situations like these!!


Cecilia - posted on 09/15/2013




Well that age group has no concept of time. There is no real way to fix it. You can set up consequences if she is late.

As far as weight is concerned, you're not going to get her to exercise. What you can do is change the diet of the whole family. This shows her support as a family rather than her feeling picked on. Get rid of the junk in the house and replace it with fruits. It's not like everyone wouldn't benefit from healthy home cooked meals every night right?


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