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Not really comfortable doing this but it's my first time and I guess there's always a first time for everything ....well I'm a mother of daughter who will be three next month and wife to my loving husband for 4 years of blessed marriage. I have been diagnosed with depression when I was 16 ,now I'm 29 and I just can't take this endless cycle of drawback episodes!!! I feel horrible! I'm on medications and it helps but from time to time I have this relapse which uncontrollable ....I feel I can't be open up to anyone cuz if I do they just don't really understand and I may lose my daughter but I don't what to do?!? Hubby goes to work and I'm a stay at home mom with my daughter since I couldn't handle going to work ....but now that I'm home I feel like I'm not being a great mother or wife :( Help PLZ!!!


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When you say you don't feel you can open up to anyone, does that include a psychologist? I highly recommend, with such a chronic depression, that you get yourself into regular counselling.

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If you're having drawback episodes, perhaps it's time to look at your meds with your physician, and re-evaluate what you're on. Meds don't always continue to work after a time, and are something that should be re-evaluated annually.

This is true for anti depressants, pain meds, any "maintenance" medication.

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