Need some insight on reporting child abuse

Cecilia - posted on 09/18/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




Okay I kinda need to tell a long story here so stick with me.

My daughter who is in middle school can sometimes stay after school and she will ride home on the elementary bus. Yesterday she did just that. When she came home she had watery eyes like she was about to start crying. I asked her what was the matter. She said "I'm not supposed to tell anyone" That send every red flag in my brain going. So I told her to wait a second. I poked my head in the door and told my husband I would be right back. I told my daughter to go to the back yard to talk. We have over an acre and I figured best place to talk would be there.

So we sit down and I told her when people say you shouldn't tell me, it means you should. So long story short- She tells me a little girl on her bus who might be in first grade was telling her she is abused. She told my daughter that her dad will throw her into walls and beats her butt so bad she can't sit down because she has bruises on her bum. She said people have been by the house asking about bruises before but they told them she fell and when asked about it she was scared to tell the truth. My daughter told her to tell a teacher and she said she did before and that's why they were at the house. That night that CPS showed up at their house she got beat worse. So of course this girl is terrified of it happening again. She told my daughter not to tell anyone because her older brother is friends with my son. She is scared he will find out she told someone. She claims the older brother doesn't know this is happening to her though. that part has me a little confused to tell the truth. I wonder if he is hitting her too and she isn't admitting to that part.

I got what info I could. I have the girls full name. I know which house she lives at and I can get the adress. So I have a friend at CPS. I called her last night to get advice on what to do. She said really I have to report it through a hotline number. They may not listen because at this point it's 4th party information. I can try to get my daughter to tell the school, but it's still 3rd party information. The best chance we have is to get this girl to tell the school, which she isn't going to do again! My friend is not an intake worker but a case worker, you know the one who works with parents after the child is removed. she can't just show up at the house and check into it for me. She isn't even going to be in the office for the next week to even be able to ask questions for me.

So right now, I don't know what to do. I need a way for people to look into it without her needing to talk. How friggin frustrating. My daughter said she will stay after school today so she can ride that bus home. She will ask her if she has bruises on her butt right now. If she does we can report that and how do the parents explain that one away? Then again what if i call and they don't investigate properly and ignore it and this girl gets hurt worse? Really what I want to do is walk across the street and beat the living shit out of her parents for her, but that won't help anyone will it?

Can anyone help me think of a solution to this problem that won't get this poor girl hurt any more? My heart is breaking and I couldn't even sleep last night.

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