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Jordyn - posted on 12/07/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi Everyone,
My name is Jordyn, I am 21 years old, just had my first baby and finishing my last year of university. She was not planned but felt I was completely capable of having her due to the fact I have been in a long term healthy relationship and just about done school. However since I am only 21 all my friends are away at University. I would love to meet some new moms who I can hangout with, do girl days or play dates. I was thinking about doing Mom and Baby yoga so if anyone wants to join with me that would be awesome. Please message me if anyone is looking for someone to hangout with, I am super nice, fun and easy going! :)


Gena - posted on 12/08/2014




Hi Jordyn Congratulations! I also had my child when i was 21,planned and married. I always had older friends but the few i did in my age stopped contact. The reason is because i wouldnt go party and if they did visit me i was more focused on my child and not really interested in what they were talking about..guys and who was drunk etc. A baby changes your life. But let me tell you,you will meet good friends through your child. At the park for example,when they go to playschool etc. I have met some wonderful friends,and some of them are in their 30's. Some never even knew that i am still young. :) so next time you go to the park,dont be shy if you see another mommy sitting there alone,go to her and start never know maybe a friendship will grow.


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Michelle - posted on 12/07/2014




Congratulations! I am not in the same age range as you so I'm not asking for myself, but I think perhaps if you give an idea of which area you are, it might help interested parties. I'm not saying to give specific locations or anything, but the general area might help.

Good luck!

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