Need some real info on ADHD medication?

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My sister has been claiming that her oldest son has some type of behavior disorder for a while now. Her and her children have had a really hard life so far and my nephew has been through so much and he's only four years old. His doctor has decided that he has ADHD, which I absolutely do not agree with because my sister has gone straight to him having ADHD before going anywhere else like a psychiatrist. The biggest problem that I am having so far is that he has been started on blood pressure medication, which doesn't make sense to me at all if the problem is more related to his brain functionality than to his cardiac health. But, the thing that has me worried the most is when he was a baby, he used to get seizures right before he would fall asleep if his heart would dip too low, and I am worried that being on this medication could put him into cardiac arrest if his dosage is not being kept track of at school or at home. Does blood pressure medication sound appropriate for a 4 year old who might have ADHD, because I have never heard of any child being prescribed this before.


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Even when armed with all the facts, deciding whether or not to take ADD/ADHD medication isn’t always easy. If you’re unsure, don’t rush the decision. Take your time to weigh the options. And if the medication is for your child, be sure to get his or her input in the decision-making process.

Most importantly, trust your instincts and do what feels right to you. Don’t let anyone—be it your physician or the principal at your child’s school—pressure you into medication if you’re not comfortable with it or ready to take that step. Remember: medication isn’t the only treatment option.

Questions to ask an ADD / ADHD specialist

Consulting with an ADD/ADHD specialist or an experienced psychiatrist can help you understand the pros and cons of medication. Here are some questions to ask:

What ADD/ADHD treatments do you recommend?

Can my symptoms be managed without medication?

What medications do you recommend and what are the side effects?

How effective is medication for ADD/ADHD?

How long will the medication be necessary for treatment?

How will the decision be made to stop medication?

Sounds like NO, he should NOT be on this medication and your sister should either go to a different doctor or insist he take something else.

Read the rest of the information with the link I provided.

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