need some tips for really fussy kid and a partner who barely talks to you?

Sabrina - posted on 07/22/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




my little boy just turn two, and he is driving me crazy.. Be a young and first time mum i feel it very hard mostly when my partner make it worst with his way of saying things to me when sometimes i didnt understand.. be a french girl and say things differently sometimes doesnt work. Cruz is a premi baby born when he was only 30 weeks old and now he just turn two and he has a very bad temper,, tantrums crying fussy and and get angry all the times.. the problem is my partner and I we barely talk and everytime there is a conversation it finish in argument and i didnt talk with him for the whole day..
I know i can look stupid but the family i come from was always fun and lovely,, dad and mum always take us (my brothers and I ) for a walk or shop or to see relatives,, since Cruz is born we barely go out, the only things we do is doing the groceries every sunday or go to see his mum once forthnightly as my family lives 12000 km away from me i get angry and frustrated,, he said to me that i am acting like a child i have to grow up? I didnt see myself acting like a child but acting to get attention,, his best thing he can do is watch dvds on weekend that what he is doing right now and cruz playing in his room and i am with him.. I dont know what to do i feel that this relationship is just a comedy and we are living like flatmate rather than partner.. Please tell me what can i do and what is the solution to get my boy be a discipline one and wants to eat his food... Thank you for your support

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