Need suggestions for empty nest syndrome.

Kimberly - posted on 09/29/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




All three of my boys have left the nest. I was always involved with their studies, soccor, friends,... No. 1 son is working. No. 2 is a sophmore in college and No. 3 is a freshman in college. They are half way around the world. I work in the mornings but afternoons can be tough. Husband works till 6:30 pm. Christmas will really be the test. How did others get thru it. Thanks! Kim Gilani


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Glenda - posted on 07/20/2014



2 you are invited to be heard and supported at a Teleclass I too am an empty next mom. I want to welcome you to the possibility of a wonderful life despite what's going in with your life. It was meant for you to write this. Blessings to you. Click on link for details. All empty nest moms are invited

Kay - posted on 10/01/2009




Kim, I went through this in 1995, and still remember that it was so difficult to go through. I termed it as getting fired for doing a job well done! It will get better especially if you look to begin a new occupation whether it is volunteering part time to supplement your part time job or finding a full time job. This will help during this time that you are learning to have new relationships with your children and their new lives as you start new conversations with them. I went to tax prep school and joined the literacy council in my area. I was extremely busy during the following tax season which helped me to stop worrying about them. 14 years later I can say that you will be going through more changes each year and your activities will help you to keep these in perspective.

Teresa - posted on 09/29/2009




Hi Kimberly, I am also going through the empty nest syndrome all my four children have flown or nearly flown they fly back at feeding time! this is a difficult time for mums as their role has changed and the loss you feel is so sad,look at this as new chapter in your life and time now to concentrate on you and your husband, remeber those days!! Your children are always there and beleive me they will always be around there is so much for you to look forward to they will be bringing so many new and exciting things in to your life new relationships, marriages, grand babys, in the mean time there is so much knowledge and skills as a mum that you can now share with others even ion this web site you can help new mums who are just beginning to start their journey on parent hood, alternatively go out there and maybe help some familys who could benifit from all the skills you required qwith bringing up your children . hope this helps and as far as christmas is conccerned you can make it christmas every time they visit it does not have to be held in December if they visit you in June them kae that just as special they just want time with you good luck.

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