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Hello, my name is Jessica Mclane I'm a mother of 3 beautiful children. In 2007 i gave birth to a baby girl, her name is Brooke Mclane.
Last Thursday my daughter was remove from my home! By her father through the state of Florida, Clearwater Fl where he lives. This as you can tell is a very long story so i will try to keep it as brief as possible.
In 2009 i let her father take her for a longer period as i was ill with the swine flu and soon after that i was hospitalized.not to mention i was 6 months pregnant with my son. At that time we had verbal agreement on visits, etc. He called me said Brooke to was sick and in of need a paper stating she stayed with him so he could get her Fl kid care ( state medicaid program). Of course I agreed. Little did i know He would use this to lie and twist the truth to this whole situation. He never at any point went back in our agreement for shared visits etc. Until I realized when he returned from a trip from New York where he tried to move without me even knowing. My daughter was in a very bad situation being with her father. He was in a violent situation with the girl friend he was with at the time and drugs was also involved as well. He then lost his house in Deltona, Florida and took off with our daughter to north Carolina and then New York. He finally moved back to the state of fl and with in a week i had my daughter in my care. this is when I decided this is it.I involved the courts and dcf. As so did he in the county he moved to in the state of fl. My county court had got dismissed and said we should do proceeding in his county. Our family was blessed by an offer for my husband to move to Moody area with a steady job.This was in march of 2011. We moved to Pell City. i didn't hear anything from the courts in pinellas county so i thought her father just gave up. Also he had my mothers cell number since her birth and my email which I had before I met him. I never heard one word.
To add, during the time before our move to Pell City. I had calls from DCF (Department of children and families. fl's protective services for children). As well as police detective in Pineallas county with questions concerning a case of the father was accused of sexually molesting a 14 year old girl. There where actions involved, one was a no contact order on him,with this child. This child was his girlfriend daughter. The case was not dropped but couldn't go forward due to the teen refusing to testify. The teen was removed from the home and sent to Arizona to her real father.
With out my knowledge her father was going through court proceedings he was granted custody in the state of Florida.
My daughter was put in his care Thursday of last week. and now i sit with pending charges against me with absconding with my child.....
The Lord opened doors for me to get down there and file a emergency hearing. i am back here in Pell City scared out of my wits, not only for my daughter but for myself. Is she getting a bath? Did he feed her? Who in God's name does he have her around this time?Is she cold? Is she crying for me??!! the Lord has helped me get through this hard time. God has put it on my heart to ask for help anywhere and ever where that any one will listen to my need.and prayers. I desperately need a lawyer!! Which we can't afford. I also not only have the 2 other children I have my mother living with me to... the whole charge is 5,000 but his retainer is 1500 and this kind of money i don't have. My faith is strong but i feel as though I'm dying inside.

My story needs to be heard!!! this man is still in contact with the teen!!! and plans to move her in when shes 18 on top of taking drugs.
God bless and thank you!!!


~♥Little Miss - posted on 05/30/2013




Please do not give your phone number, or e mail on this public forum. There are many ill intended people on this site. Like remove it asap. If people want to contact you, then can do it through a personal message on this site. Please take this warning seriously. It is unsafe to give your personal information out on ANY public forum.

~WtCoM MoD LiTtLe MiSs~

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