Need tips and encouragement on breasfeeding...

Danielle - posted on 08/29/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hello Ladies,

I am in search of some helpful tips and encouragement to continue breastfeeding.

My son was born last week at 38 weeks gestation because of pregnancy hypertension.

For the past week I have been breastfeeding him, as well (as recommended by health care providers) supplementing his nutrition by formula.

He is a very hungry baby boy. He has a very strong latch, and a vigourus eater. Because of this, he has blistered my nipples. In the meantime, I am using nipple shield and the creams to ease my discomfort while breastfeeding him.

I am in so much pain that I cringe when it comes time to feed him. It means a lot to me that I continue feeding him, but I feel like the odds of that happening are stacked against me.

My milk is finally starting to transition in after a week. I will feed my son for over 30 mins a side, and then he will burp and get knocked out for 10 mins.. he will then start rooting and crying for more.

At this point I am so sore.

So I try again, and then supplement with syringe and feeding tube while on the breast. (A small tube is slid into the corner of his mouth while he is latched on the breast so while he is pulling breast milk from the breast he is also pulling formula from syringe.)

It was advised that we supplement formula because he has already lost over the 10 percent body weight in his first two-three days, because my milk was taking so long to come in, and because he was obviously not satisfied with my milk supply.

I am looking for tips to increase the nutrition of my supply, encouragement to keep feeding breast, and anything else you can offer.

Will it always hurt?!?!


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A good tip to help with the soreness is to rub a little breastmilk over the nipple and let it dry. Sounds weird but it works.

Melody - posted on 08/29/2012




I had the same issue with my son, but he only nursed 5-10 minutes. It became unbearable even with good latches. I started pumping, so I could heal and then we returned back to breastfeeding. Don't give up, I promise it does get better!!! Once you fully transition, you will not feel any pain at all.

Gwen - posted on 08/30/2012




Supplementing with the syringe while breastfeeding could be messing up his latch..

He is nursing frequently, because that is nature's way of increasing your supply. As your body adjusts to his demand, he will begin to level off on the number of feedings. Then when he hits a growth spurt, you'll think something's wrong because he wants to eat every hour. This is called "cluster feeding" and I wish someone had warned me about it, because I thought I was losing my mind! Again, your body will increase it's milk production to meet the need and he will level off again. It's perfectly normal. I was sore for the first few weeks until we kind of "clicked" with each other. I used Lansinoh cream religiously. It is pure lanolin, so not harmful at all. (It's also good for diaper rash, chapped lips, and number of other uses!) Hang in there :)


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