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I am nursing my 5 week old and it seems I have enough for her at each feeding. But I go back to work in 3 weeks and need to pump. When I skip a feeding and give her a bottle to try and pump - it gets nothing out! Sometimes from both sides - it is less than an ounce.

I'm using a Medela new pump and all the components have been checked and are working. Its like my body just won't respond. If I pump one side while she is feeding on the other - it flows but then I don't have enough to feed her.

Any suggestions?


DeAnn - posted on 09/24/2012




Pump after each feeding while she is near you and you are relaxed. If you can, hold her in one arm while you pump the opposite breast, preferably after she just finished with it. Her presence stimulates milk production - her pheromones, your maternal instinct when you look at her. Continuing the sucking after feeding while she is feeding will "trick" your body into making more milk.

Never skip a feeding. The lack of stimulation causes the breasts to conserve. They make only as much as baby needs in most women. Some have a natural overproduction and some have a natural underproduction. If she is getting enough at a feeding, you should be able to increase production over time.

Make sure you start on the lowest suction and gradually increase it. Use Lasinoh for lubrication in case the plastic starts to rub.

Honestly, the best pump for me was Avent. I got way more from that than my Medela. Are you renting? You could pick up an Avent Isis manual pump at Walmart for about $35 and see if that works better for you.

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