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Claudia - posted on 05/18/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




i am going thru the most terrible events of life and it is to loose a child, on dec 25, 2014 i gave birth to my baby girl samantha and sadly she passed a few minutes after. ughhh the pain is very strong and yes i do have 2 wonderful boys to take care of, there is a big empty space in my heart i can never fill not even having more children. well im grieving im mourning and my life is a rollercoaster of emotions..... im in a very very tough road, but thanks to my husband and family i get all the help to go thru my grieving which is very important for me. right now i stay home with my two boys but bills are pilling up, my husband is the only one working and it makes it hard on him. anyways.... im looking for a way to work but still be with my kids since we cant afford daycare nor a babysitter. could anyone help me? thanks i really appreciate


Michelle - posted on 05/18/2015




I am so sorry for your loss.

You don't mention how old your boys are. Are they school age or going to daycare? If so, maybe you could get a part-time position while they are out.

My other advice would be to get some counseling/therapy if you haven't already. Losing a child can be so devastating, and while having a supportive family is very important, therapy should be able to teach you some strategies/tools on how to deal with this loss and still live your life without negative feelings.

Hope this helps. Good luck!


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