Need your help! Baby has rashes on his bum and is constantly grumpy! :(


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Maisie - posted on 09/16/2014




Airing out the bum did help a little. My little laddie still cries uncontrollably but not as worse as before. Okay, Maisie, take a deep breathe and savor this moment.

Thanks, American Woman!

American - posted on 09/16/2014




Clean area well with dial soap allow to air dry. Apply mixture of cornstarch and powder. This should help. You should allow bum to air out daily. Put baby on blanket naked and let baby play for bit. Then diaper. The bum is sitting in diaper and needs air. You can also talk to your doctor about rash and they can give you something to help. As for the baby crying just take a deep breath and think to yourself one day I am gonna miss that cry. Hang in there.

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