Need your opinion... Cheating husband can't admit

Olivia - posted on 09/22/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




This is so fresh, because it just happened the last 2 weeks. I found out that my husband wanted to go out with this girl from work and see a movie. He said it's normal, as long as he's not attracted with the girl. And that I can do the same, as well. At first he was in denial with all of this, until I had to find out myself, that that "going out with a coworker" was actually, going out with this girl from work. we obviously fought about this matter. the 13th of this month, i initiated sex, not just once but twice that night. the same as friday night, and saturday night. and this was in agreement as well to see a marriage counselor, because we both knew that there was a problem in our marriage (we've been married 9 years, with 2 5 year olds). btw- i talked to the girl, and she had told me that she promised to stay away from him.

This past Tuesday, there were 4 missing condoms. He obviously, didn't know I was counting. I thought of doing this, when I found out about the going out to the movies with a girl from work. This is the most painful feeling I have ever have to deal with. And this was despite the fact, that he told me he had a 101 meeting with his boss that Monday. He was confronted about the rumors going on at work, and that his boss ended up opening up about his first marriage, and almost lost his second marriage.

That Tuesday morning, I called him right after I found out about the missing condoms. I told him that I have found something that tells me he's cheating. He came home right away from work, and had confessed about having sex with a prostitute. Later that night, he changed his story, and said that he got cold feet. He said what he said, because he felt threatened when I told him that I have found something that tells me he's cheating. Wednesday morning, gut feeling kicked in and said he can't have sex with a prostitute, he's a clean freak. Then this Friday, I had confronted him again, and asked him again to be truthful, so we can move on. He had a new version. That he did confronted the girl from work, and came prepared with condoms in his pocket. But nothing happened, because I called his cell phone, and he came right home. This morning, I woke him up at 5 am, and said if you would meet with her come prepared, you would have only taken 2 condoms and not 4! Obviously, he had doubled up and had sex with her twice! This pains me just writing this. Please help!

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Vicki - posted on 09/22/2012




I can understand why this would be so painful, its horrible actually to find out that your husband is cheating.

I think you need to figure out for yourself what you are willing to tolerate in your life and what you wont. If it were me i would leave him, if there were a possibility of working on it i would do it under seperate roofs while in councelling. Life is to short to be living it this way, not only has he cheated on you but hes lying as well. Married couples have their problems but you dont go outward to fix them! You dont deserve this dont put up with this!

Sorry your hurting :(

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