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My daughter doesn't feel so good inside. I have contacted a psychiatrist so we hopefully she get to talk to one.

On Thursday my daughter told me she didn't want to die, but if she felt like this she didn't want to live either. 
My daughter was at her father's house now so I asked her on the phone what had happened.
She said she got into an agreement with three of her friends so she didn't want to be friends with them anymore. But what distressed her more was that she had yelled at a former friend so all the people in the school saw them.  She didn't want them to see this, but she couldn't stop herself from yelling. She says when she gets angry she finds it hard to calm down. She said she had cut herself again, and deeper this time. (Cut herself the week before)
I really got afraid for her. I rang the psychiatrist again and said she really needs to talk with a psychiatrist. She said she would call back today when she talked to the rest of her team. I got a emergency number if it would get to hard for her.

You question yourself in this times. Am I doing the right things. I don't know what to think when I'm putting up something on the commentary on facebook, that she put up, that I will always love her my beautiful daughter, she takes that away. And it's not the first time. She hasn't put up anything about what she feels for me, but she does with her father.
It feels awful that no matter what he does she loves him and I feel likes she throws away me. Do you ever guestion yourself in hard times?

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Thx for your input. I have gotten a hold of the psychiatrist and she is going there to talk now.

Sarah - posted on 05/02/2016




Social media and teens are just not a good mix. Why does she have her own Facebook account if she is dealing with emotional instability? A child who is cutting needs help, today, not tomorrow, not next week; today. Especially if she is openly verbalizing that she feels ambivalent about being alive.
You have more to worry about than whether or not your daughter expresses her love for you equally to her love for her dad on a social media account. Get hold of that psychiatrist and get our daughter off social media and into treatment.

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