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Keyta - posted on 05/05/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I just created this because I see a lot of women using this to get advice. I am 22 years old have 2 kids. my oldest is 3 years old and my yougnest is 3 months. i have 2 different baby daddys. with my youngest child which is a girl me and her father have known each other for several years. we dated before when we was 16 and broke up. Got back together in 2011 and broke up again 2012. in our relationship he cheated on me 3 times and i cheated on him as payback in february 2012 ONLY ONCE. i told him what i did the same day and i told him it was payback. we stayed together 5 months after that and then we broke up for good. April 25th 2012 I got pregnant. At the time when i told him i was pregnant he was happy to me but i also felt him pull back a bit from me and my son. in September we broke up and i found out that he started dating someone else. Every since he started dating this girl he tells everybody that he was faithful and i cheated on him (which i did), he bad talked me BAD...for i guy i knew so long and was in love with, he was the last person that i thought would hurt me the way he did.. he also started denying my baby when i was 3 months pregnant and he said he wanted a dna test. i got him a dna test threw child support and found out that my baby of course is his. He missed my baby shower, my daughters birth, and even missing things in her life now. She is about to be 4 months. he is still in a relationship with the same girl but tells me He wants to make things work and how he loves me and for me to wait for their relationship to fall apart slowly. Even though he hurt me through his words and action I still love him and i do want us to get back together and work on our family. Currently child support has been asking if i want to take him for payments and im stuck. i believe we can work things out without child support but when his girlfriend gets involved things get really intense because we did not like each other and now that i proved to him that my daughter is his; his girlfriend wants to work things out..sit down and talk she even apologized to me. I dont know what to do. i do know however that im not sitting down with this girl cause you disrespected me not even knowing me, then try and say you want to see my daughter...NO WAY. someone please help me..give me all your advice input or whatever...I need it. I dont have family to go and talk to :(


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You both cheated on each other regardless of the reasons it's not a healthy relationship to go back to! He's not even going to break up with his current girlfriend but wants you to wait till that relationship ends, and you're considering it??? Why??

You should still go for child support because he's telling you one thing and doing something completely different. Get child support and custody situated and work on your self esteem for awhile before jumping into anymore relationships.

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