Needing help with possible frostbite with my 8 month old

Krissy - posted on 03/01/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I was in the ditch a few weeks ago good and deep. I had my baby nice and bundled up and put me scarf even around her little face, but for the time for me to hike out of the ditch and into my husbands car her got cold even bundled up. her cheeks where rosy and cold but every gets rosy cheeks when they are cold. there where white like when I have gotten frostbite, and i had warmed her u and she wasn't in any pain so I was happy to think she didn't get frost bite... But now weeks latter her cheeks are still kinda pink and on one of them is kinda hard. kinda like really think skin feeling. it doesn't bother her much. But im concerned she may have a bite of frost bite.. and I feel so bad about it. like i let her down and didn't protect her enough.... she has her Dr appointment's in 2 weeks and he will take a look them but right not what do I do? and when will it go away or will it go away?


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To reassure you, frostbite would be very unlikely to hit her cheeks and not her nose. It usually affects extremities where blood circulation is insufficient to combat severe cold, such as toes, fingertips, nose and ears. If her nose was also uncovered and is fine, then I'd suspect that Kelly is right and that this is a patch of reactive skin, possibly eczema.

Try an aqueous type of moisturising cream - you can ask the pharmacist for advice on which ones they might carry.

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You should call the doctor and see if you can get in before two weeks? Tell them you have an appointment coming up but you are worried about the cheeks. A lot of times they will just do the well visit check when you come in to check on her cheeks, so you won't have to worry about paying for two visits (The only issue would be if she is due for shots that can't be given any sooner).

She could just have a little eczema. It is a minor skin condition that worsens in the cold and causes the skin to turn pinkish and turn hard or scaly. It takes a pretty long time to get frostbite on the face. If you think it might be eczema, try Aveeno Active Naturals Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream. It is steroid free, so it won't hurt her if it is not eczema, but will help if it is. It's at most pharmacies for about $10-$12 a tube. Avoid the stronger eczema/skin irritation creams until you know what it is.

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